About Me

I'm Abs.  I'm a 27 (soon to be 28, but I'm in denial) Stay At Home Mom.  I graduated from college with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and I love to design things. 

Hubs and I were married in 2007 and we bought our second house in November of 2008.  We've been here since and I love it.  We have 5 acres and a "fixer-upper" (nice way of saying, our house needs a lot of work).

January 2009 we decided to try a new church and happily found a community in a Mennonite Church.  Hubs and I were both baptized in May 2010.  God is a big focus in our life and he is at the heart of all we are and all we do.

I gave birth to our first son, Bear, in June 2010 and he spent 9 days in the NICU.  He's had ongoing medical issues and while we are honored and delighted to be his parents, the medical bills are daunting.  In June 2012 we welcomed Monkey into our family and found out he has the same diagnosis as Bear.  We also sold our home and made a big move!

I've always been slightly crafty, dabbling in a few areas.  I've been quilting for a few years, and I learned from my Grandmother to knit and crochet when I was a child.

Being cheap frugal is a new passion.  The medical bills eat a huge portion of Hubs income and I've had to figure out how to make do or make without.  I'm determined to streamline our lifestyle and be able to make do with less.

I look forward to getting to know other crafters and frugal ladies!
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