Friday, April 8, 2011

The biggest deal I ever got was....

We have guests visiting so my blogging time is limited!

So today I will share the biggest deal I ever got.  And, I wasn't even paying for it!

I found out I was pregnant with Bear in September 2009.  Hubs and I planned to wait to buy a crib till the Spring so I wasn't even really seriously looking around.  I had just started price comparing and deciding what color/style/options I wanted.

Then Babies R Us had their New Year Sale.  Yes, I was like 16 weeks pregnant and looking at cribs. 

They offered the Babi Italia Pinehurst collection as part of their promotion.  If you bought the low dresser (in the back of the picture) they gave you the crib for free.  The only catch was that it was in the Natural wood.  Exactly what I wanted.  My parents had told us they wanted to buy us the crib and dresser so we figured this would be a great option, quality for low cost.  My mom went to her local Babies R Us and they put together the total price and we were all shocked, because they gave her an ADDITIONAL 30% off because it was on sale.   They even agreed to deliver it to MY local store (450 miles away).  The total came to $337.
Pinehurst Tea Stain - Babi Italia  - Babies"R"Us

 A week later Babies R Us called my mom and let her know they didn't have any dressers in stock, only the cribs. But, they would offer her a replacement.  They read her the name of Baby Cache Uptown collection.  We both figured it would be a cheaper crib and dresser, but we were wrong.
Uptown - Natural - Baby Cache  - Babies"R"Us
The crib costs $499 and the dresser $599.  We managed to get both the crib and the low dresser for $337.

I would have to say that to this day, this is the best deal I have ever come across.

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