Monday, July 29, 2013


Life has been moving.

We went on a small vacation over 4th of July and had a blast.  We got to take Monkey and Bear to a small (read: old) amusement park.  It was great!  They loved the rides and the excitement.

We're in the process of reviewing Bear's IEP and doing Monkey's annual IFSP.

Bear just had his 4th round of Botox.  My lower back is aching from trying to help him walk everywhere.

We're discussing our future.  Where we want to live for the happiness and success of our family.

Bear has become a professional duck feeder.  We had lunch on a small lake today and I showed him how to throw the cookies to the ducks.  I was certain that when I gave him a piece he was going to eat it.  BUT he surprises me everyday and was so excited to throw it down to the ducks.

This weather has been insane.  The other week it was 102 and then 2 days ago was 60.  We've been spending as much time in the pool as possible.

We're planning a trip back to the midwest in a month and I couldn't be more excited!

I took a quilting class that threatened to do me in.  It was insane.

I've been busy making quilts for bridal showers, baby showers and housewarming gifts.  It's been fun to be getting things accomplished.

I cannot believe summer is halfway over.  For the next two weeks I am busy EVERYDAY, in addition to taking Bear to and from school everyday and organizing Monkey's therapy.

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