Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whole30: Day 30 Wrap Up



I cannot believe 30 days has come and gone!!! The first few days were so difficult that it felt like 30 days was going to take forever to get through.  And now it’s over and it feels like nothing.


So, was it worth it?


Yes, yes and yes!!! Hubs lost 10 lbs and a pants size.  I lost 16lbs and a pant size. Our energy levels are amazing and I feel fantastic. 


Did you learn anything?


I learned so much.  I learned how my body reacts to healthy food and I learned how easy eating healthy and at home can be.  I also think It Starts With Food  helped me understand my weight problem.  6 years ago I had a gallstone lodge at the entrance to my stomach and back everything up into my pancreas.  I had a severe case of pancreatitis and ended up severely septic.  Thankfully, I made it to the ER in time and I did bounce back after a few days.  I was on heavy duty IV antibiotics for 3 days before they could even consider removing my gall bladder.  I think this is where my issues started. 


I never let my body truly heal and recover.  Less than 6 weeks later I was in for another major surgery and another recovery process.  I truly don’t think my body ever healed and I’ve been struggling with systemic inflammation ever since.  It’s amazing how quickly my body adapted to this diet.  The weight loss was effortless.  Well, maybe not effortless if eating yummy delicious food is hard for you.  I think this diet works well for me because I LOVE vegetables, don’t love dairy or fruit and was gluten free for quite a while.  I never did well on diets with portion control because I was only eating when hungry yet I was ALWAYS hungry.  Now I eat my meal and sometimes have to remind myself that it’s dinner time hours later.


I do plan on continuing this diet for a while before reintroducing anything back in my diet.  I think my system needs more than 30 days to recover because of how long and how badly damaged it was.

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