Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whole30: Days 27, 28, and 29


Tonight I’m blogging from my computer so I have a chance to actually elaborate.

we had plans to go to a farm show so it was leftover magic for lunch.  We had a blast and even trial ordered a basket from a local co-op.  I managed to get a bunch of London Broil on sale at the grocery store and we got a whole chicken at the farm show.  We were so hungry when we got home around 3:30 that we ate a bunch of leftovers and then just had a snack for supper.


Monday  is our full day of therapy and of course we had horrible weather.  I was not in the mood to cook so I just made Bilinksi’s chicken sausage, sautéed kale, and sautéed mushrooms and onions.  Monkey got his first tooth today!!! He has been sleeping horribly for a few days now.   Literally, we couldn’t even put him down a nap or he just screamed bloody murder.


Tuesday we went to story time and I completely forgot to pack a lunch. So I swung by the grocery store and took the kids to my Aunt’s house.  We had spring mix with grilled chicken, lemon and olive oil dressing and a navel orange.  Dinner was a little more exciting as we got our basket from the co-op!  I made fresh kale (which was amazing not bitter at all!) sautéed with garlic and EVOO, a bowl of fresh spinach which was starting to turn with dressing, Dijon Salmon (I cannot post a review because I HATE salmon, Hubs said it was okay), and baked apples.  I ended up eating leftover meatloaf.  I adventurously tried salmon but it was not for me.    The baked apples were fantastic. I sliced up some apples we bought at the farm show, placed them in a casserole dish and tossed with cinnamon and nutmeg.  I also spooned some coconut oil in for some moisture and fat.  Bake in the oven.  Next time I would cover it for a while, the top layer got a bit dry. 


I cannot believe tomorrow is our last day of the Whole30. I believe we will be continuing on it for a while but I’m excited to post all my stats and do a final summary.

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